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From the time I was a little girl, weddings have enchanted me. The beautiful bride, sparkling lights, all the love in the's almost magical and I love capturing that magic. My goal is ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible within my ability - from meeting ahead of time to discuss your wishes, to creating a detailed, personalized timeline, to doing my best to serve and love on you all day. I'm the one who will watch the clock, arrange your dress, and round up the family so you don't have to.

My #1 goal in a session is for you to enjoy yourself and love the outcome! I do my best to keep things low-key and fun while strategically guiding you into flattering poses.  I am an easy-going, care-free soul and we will be friends before you know it. All you have to do is have fun and enjoy the process! Trust me, we'll be laughing, moving and connecting throughout your session.


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let me share my heart

I grew up in a small community, and am married to a beef and crop farmer. I believe in loving others above yourself, marriages lasting forever, and encouraging those around you to be the best that they can be. 

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OH hey, meet my family

Since they're basically the most important part of my life, I can't *not* brag about them on here. That handsome man is my husband, Evan, and our littles are Easton, Lucas, Myah, and Jesse. 
Also - it's always fun to mention that I was blessed with 7 siblings and they are truly my best friends. 

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why photography? 

As a teen, I would make my friends dress up so I could take pictures of them for fun. I took most of their senior pictures and then started helping my cousin take their wedding photos. It was so gradual, I literally can't tell people when I "got started" in photography. As a romantic at heart, weddings captured my heart. But ,I love capturing families, seniors, and lil babes along the way. So that's my story, let me capture yours!

my story


helping the helpless

When I tuck my own babes in at night, and know that there are so many children in the world who don't have a warm bed, food in their tummy, or any hope of change, my heart breaks. 10% of all the income that I receive through photography is donated to organizations like Children's Vision Int. and InterHope. I have served at Children's Vision twice - once at 15 and again when I was 24 and both changed my heart.

my mission

get to know me

Experimenting with recipes, trying new things. Also, Ice Cream (specifically Kwik Trip's Carmel Chocolate Chip)

♥ Good food

♥ Online shopping

No one will ever know how many "carts" I have filled with items that I may or may not ever purchase.

♥ Home projects

I have my share of pinterest fails, but hey live and learn, right? Ain't nothing a little paint can't pretty up ;)

♥ cozy nights

with the fireplace going, something steaming from my mug (extra whip cream, please). and probably editing photos. 

♥ family time

super blessed with a close family and amazing in-laws. Time with them is always the best times. 

My little people have quite the moves and hey, it counts as working out then, right?!

♥ kitchen dance parties

Kevin & Teagen

"Mishaela Dawn is amazing! Highly recommend!"

Nathan & Brittany

"Mishaela and Heather were the perfect photographers! They are both so friendly and were able to capture our day with so many beautiful pictures! They are so talented!" 

josh & adriana

Mishaela did our wedding and she is amazing! Cannot say enough good things. 

walker & Bethany

"Mishaela! We are so blown away by our photos. Thank you for everything!"