October 18, 2022

Hunter and Abbey’s Fall Engagement in Readstown, Wisconsin

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Hunter and Abbey were so sweet. Meeting them at the same space that we will soon be taking wedding photos has me so excited for their big day. These two are each other’s biggest cheerleader, best friend, and simply the person that they always want to be with. I loved seeing their goofy side. But also the way they interacted with love, respect, and happiness. It is so obvious that Hunter and Abbey are completely comfortable and at peace with each other. I also got to meet Lucas so we could take a few family photos for their wall.

Abbey told me one thing they’ve done since the beginning of their relationship is going on long drives together. Evan and I love road trips as well. Truly some of the best conversations can happen when you just get in the car and drive. No plan necessary. Just spending time together.

Engagement sessions are, in my opinion, such an important step in preparing for your wedding day. It will truly take away stress you didn’t even know you’d have. How to pose, what to expect, will you feel comfortable, will you love the way you look…etc. etc. It lets us connect so I’m not showing up a stranger. It helps me know which poses and photos are going to be your favorites. So many things.

Thank you for trusting me with these precious memories, Hunter and Abbey. I can’t wait for the rest of the journey!

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