April 25, 2021

Josh and Adriana at Horstmann Homestead

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My farming roots are always so happy to become part of another farm family’s love story ♥  The Horstmann Farm and Events venue in West Salem, Wisconsin was the perfect spot for Josh and Adriana to celebrate their vows. On a dead end road, with beautiful hills and scenery – we couldn’t have asked for a better day! Honestly, one of my favorite moments from their day was the first look. I love first looks in general because they are so intimate and personal. All the emotions and excitement that have been building through the months (and months…and months) of planning have paid off. You made it. You’re there together in that moment. And nothing else matters because from now on, the two are made one and there is just something so powerful about that. And the way Josh looked at Adriana just absolutely melted my heart – every girl dreams of that and it was so raw and real and filled with love. Not gonna lie, I was tearing up. My heart is so happy when I get to capture these moments for my couples to look back on throughout the years and I hope when you do, it takes you back to that moment, that feeling, that look in your eyes when in your soul you know that this is the person who will be your better half through the good days and the bad, no matter what.

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  1. Katie Lesch says:

    I’m a wedding planner in the La Crosse area and have a couple getting married on August 27th, 2022. I saw your name on Facebook and would love to know more!

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