February 7, 2023

Josh and Janell’s December Wedding in Wisconsin

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Josh and Janell had such a special day. They put so much thought and attention into small details for their wedding day. A woven tie for the rings signifying that “a chord of three strands is not easily broken”. Homemade (delicious!) Ice Cream for their guests. It was a family fun event that honored the Lord and the couple so perfectly.

The day before the wedding, we experienced a snow storm here in Wisconsin. And, while I’m sure it was inconvenient for their out of state and traveling guests, my photographers heart was filled with excitement at the possibility of photos in the snow! A fresh snowfall just gives such a romantic, clean and fresh background. And it did not disappoint. Once we got out there with the wedding party, several of the girls were wearing flats. Rather than have wet feet the rest of the day, they opted to go barefoot! So if you’re wondering why they’re giggling…

I’m so excited to watch Josh and Janell as they continue life. Now, together as one. Thank you both for the honor of capturing your wedding day photos. -Mishaela Dawn

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