November 5, 2022

Josh and Janell’s Fall Engagement in Wisconsin

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Josh and Janell’s engagement session was filled with so much happiness. Their love for each other was so sweet. As the wind rippled through the natural grasses, our laughter followed. Hand in hand, they strolled together. Following my cues as they shared a glance, or looked to the path ahead. Josh’s little guy, Jay, joined us also and played a big role in creating the laughter. From talking about how he spent the morning on Mars, to his serious expression of getting lost in the tall grass. (a valid concern, honestly. It was taller than him in places!) It was so fun connecting both with him, and of course Josh and Janell. Spending this time together, especially with little ones, can be so helpful as we prepare for their December wedding. Now, instead of showing up a stranger, I will be a familiar face. Someone Jay feels comfortable with. Someone he can trust. Someone he had fun with.

Josh and Janell – I am so excited to be a part of this special time. I cannot wait for your wedding day. To celebrate with you. Capture the moments. Watch the memories unfold before my lens. Thank you for choosing me <3

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  1. Janell says:

    Thanks, Mishaela!

    We had so much fun, hopefully the engagement session will help Jay cooperate better for the wedding pics! Lol : )

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