October 2, 2023

Shawn and Lindsey’s Wisconsin Fall Engagement Pictures

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What makes the best photo location? I think this will vary depending on your photographer. Take the same couple, same location, same time of day, but change the photographer? Your photos will be completely different! One of my favorite backgrounds for photos is so simple. A big open grassy field, and a gravel road. I love the openness of a large field. It allows me to have lots of SKY in your photos which makes them feel lighter and brighter. And gravel roads? Well, for one they’re just pretty. But, also, they make a great natural reflector. Bouncing light back onto your face in a very flattering way.

Thursday’s engagement session with Shawn and Lindsey had both! Another thing that helps make a photo session a success? A couple that’s totally in love and not afraid to show it. It was a joy taking engagement photos for these two! They were so natural at laughing together and just having a good time. I’m so glad Shawn and Lindsey have found each other to do life with. In just a few shorts weeks they’ll be saying their wedding vows. Forever to go!

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