October 8, 2021

Brian and Megan at Three Bears Lodge

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Brian and Megan planned a great day at the Three Bears Lodge in Warrens, WI. From a great meal of fun Hors D’voeuvres that left everyone feeling full and satisfied, a great environment and fun games for their guests.

And none of it would have happened but by chance at the flip of a coin. Back in 2013, Brian was invited by his now best man to a house party. Rob knew Megan would be there, and thought the two of them might really hit it off. Living in Tomah at the time, Brian wasn’t sure about making the drive to Wisconsin Rapids, and decided to toss a coin to decide. Heads he went to the party, tails he’d stay home. The coin landed on heads, and there in the kitchen at the party, Brian met the love of his life. 8 years later, and they’re still thanking God that the coin landed on heads as they celebrate their wedding day together.

Brian planned the engagement to take in a special place for them in the mountains, and their wedding day theme revolved around it. I absolutely loved the details they had from the gorgeous custom mountain ceremony backdrop made by Brian’s Father, to the stunning florals, and the way they incorporated their favorites beers into their ceremony as a symbol of their union.

It was clear as I got to know these two that they are such a caring, joyful couple. A theme throughout the speeches was what a great sense of humor Brian and Megan share, how kind they are, and the way the face life together.

Brian and Megan – I wish you the absolute best in your new life together and was honored to be a part of it!


– Dress: David’s Bridal 
– Shoes: JCPenney
– Bouquets: The Station Floral and Gifts (in Tomah, WI) 
– Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse
– Hair and makeup: Love is in the Hair Salon (Tomah, WI)
– Nails done by me (Megan) with use of Color Street polish/nail designs
– Rings: Kay Jewelers 
– DJ: KC Entertainment, Edward Lee Powless
– Venue and food: 3 Bears Resort

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