September 16, 2021

Trevor and Andrea’s Backyard Wedding

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I knew as soon as I started hearing about Trevor and Andrea’s wedding plans that they had an evening to remember planned. From homemade wine, sooo many cupcakes, and catering by the Woodshed Wood-Fired Pizza truck. Trevor and Andrea celebrated their day in the comfort of their own backyard and with all the people who have shaped them into the couple they are today.

At their engagement session, Trevor and Andrea introduced me to their shared love of RC trucks and racing. They made sure to incorporate this passion into their wedding day as well and their first look was captured by the RC track they created together in their Minnesota backyard and they made sure to spend some of their wedding day enjoying the sport.

What I loved seeing the most though, was how even on their most special day, Andrea and Trevor were so giving. They didn’t want it to just be about them, they wanted to make sure everyone felt special and had a great time. This was shown in so many ways. From the homemade wine being sent home in individual bottles, to everyone being able to order their own personal pizzas (it was DELICIOUS) and truly just in the way that they interacted with everyone. Instead of having others give speeches, Trevor and Andrea each gave a toast, expressing their appreciation to every person and group who had played a role in their relationship, and in all the months of planning and prep that had taken place leading up to this event. I absolutely loved their caring, sharing hearts.

Trevor and Andrea – I wish you and your family a lifetime of joy and love together! Thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day and be part of the magic you’re creating.

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