May 11, 2024

Cole and Treena’s Wisconsin Spring Engagement Photos

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We couldn’t have timed this session better to get beautiful spring blossoms for Cole and Treena’s engagement photos. We started near Boscobel, Wisconsin and ended at Treena’s Grandma’s farm. Her Grandpa chauffeured us around when the light was starting to slip away a little too quickly. Springtime this year has been full of rainy nights and muddy days. But, our evening together was beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold, a slight breeze whispering through the apple blossoms. Sunshine peeking through the branches. And God painted his artwork on the evening sky for some sweet sunset photos in the hayfield.

Treena has been friends with Cole’s younger sister for quite a few years, but romance with Cole only started about a year ago. Throughout the past year, they have been really intentional about staying connected and growing together as a couple. Both come from farming backgrounds and plan build their future on that foundation. But even more than that, on a foundation of Christ. Spending the hour with these two was so fun. It was easy to see how natural it was for them to laugh together, tease, and be completely themselves.

I’m so excited for this June wedding. Treena and Cole are both going forward with a mindset that prioritizes their upcoming marriage, not just the wedding day. And I just love that. Can’t wait to continue to capture this love story <3

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